Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Dominque Keith-Maher

The "Super Peer" and its Effect on African-American Children

I am currently assisting Professor Herd with conducting research on the influence of mass media –also known as “the super peer”– on alcohol consumption amongst African-American adolescents. We are specifically looking at popular movies from the Teen Media Study, which was conducted in 2001and 2002. Apart from this, I am also beginning a literature review, that looks at the film structure of the coming of age story when it is targeted towards a black audience.

Message To Sponsor

My research has been an incredibly invaluable experience. I have gotten the opportunity to personally work with a professor in a field that I intend to pursue in graduate school. I have had the ability to watch research unfold over the period of a year, and to have a lot of freedom in voicing my opinion, and I feel as though I am contributing to something greater than myself.
Major: English
Mentor: Denise Herd, Public Health
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