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Ebru Kasikaralar

Using systems mapping to create a guideline for empirical research in engineering

I will be working on finishing two papers which focus on using systems mapping. One of the papers will discuss what kind of perspective researchers in engineering should have and what kind of points they should look into when they are conducting research that will have possible real-world applications and solutions. The other will focus on enumerating the decision-making points and showing their effects and links when it comes to creating viable solutions in commercial lighting technology and market.

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Research has been an invaluable part of my undergraduate life. The URAP research has helped me learn what it is like to be a researcher and also served as an opportunity for me to meet very valuable researchers in the field I am interested. Therefore, I am very fortunate and thankful to have received this research opportunity because now I am one step closer to my graduate school dream with this great research opportunity.
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Major: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Mentor: Sara Beckman, Haas School of Business
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