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Enoch (Yinuo) Zhou

Developing Graphic Databases for Icelandic Sagas

Graphic database enjoys various important advantages in representing data in Icelandic Sagas comparing to traditional databases, such as more convenient visualizations and querying. My summer research project focuses on improving and populating the graphic databases that store the characters and interactions in Icelandic Sagas, such as the collection of sagas in “The Sagas of Icelanders” prefaced by Jane Smiley. My potential objectives include synthesizing character data throughout different sagas and creating user interface for the graphic databases. Furthermore, as a product of generating graphic databases, investigation of graphic structures and specific subgraphs, using the concepts in graphic theory, may also lead to meaningful findings about the societies portrayed in the sagas, such as the benefits of family connections and optimal strategies in interacting with strong enemies. 

Message To Sponsor

Dear kind donors - thank you so much for your support! My gratitude for this donation is beyond words as this donation truly takes a large weight out of my shoulder and makes this summer experience possible. I am very passionate towards this research about graphic databases on Icelandic Sagas because graphic databases help us to observe and analyze the characters and events from a new perspective. I also wish to thank URAP for making this summer research opportunity possible! I wish that I may humbly and earnestly utilize this precious opportunity to contribute to the research of Icelandic Sagas.
Major: Computer Science (College of L&S)
Mentor: Timothy Tangherlini / Department of Scandinavian
Sponsor: Anselm Fund
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