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Fiona Oh

Characterizing the Freezing Tolerance of Antarctic Nematodes

Panagrolaimus davidi is an Antarctic nematode that is able to survive through freezing conditions and withstand hypoxia. Though this characteristic is well-studied in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, P. davidi merits closer examination of its freezing tolerance ability and the mechanisms behind it, such as cryoprotective dehydration. With greater understanding of P. davidi‘s genetic resistance to freezing, we can uncover information about cellular stress tolerance and survival under hypoxia with applications to stroke treatment.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you to my donor for granting me the opportunity to work more intensely on this project over the summer. I am excited to make significant progress on my work and improve my skills in the lab over the next few months. This project has been pivotal in my academic career, and I am very grateful to receive your support in continuing it.
Major: Molecular & Cell Biology and Film & Media Studies
Mentor: Dengke Ma, UCSF
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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