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Helen Pinto

Jusepe de Ribera: Drawings and Etchings

I will be researching image sources for works by Neapolitan artist Jusepe de Ribera (1591-1652).This work will aim to assist Professor Olson on his upcoming work focused on the artist. The goal is to have desired image permissions in order so that the content of the work can flow well with images to be used in the publication. I will be collaborating with international museum archives and graphic department staff to process image requests.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for your support. I know that the skills and experience that I am picking up working on this project will make me not only a competitive applicant for graduate school but can also distinguish me as a professional. I got really great news regarding an image on my birthday and I have to say that it was the highlight of the day for me. In this period where it is easy to feel powerless or useless I am so grateful to continue to work and to have a professor I respect treat me as a peer and collaborator.
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Major: American Studies
Mentor: Todd Olson, History of Art
Sponsor: Hampson Fund
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