Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Hilal ‘Zack’ Aqra

Molly of Denali - Children's Perceptions of Native Peoples Through Media

With this project, we are interested in the ways in which children think and feel about Native peoples. We are actively investigating whether watching contemporary Native children’s media (e.g. Molly of Denali) will affect their perceptions and attitudes. To test this, we are utilizing correlational and longitudinal studies.

Message To Sponsor

I am so honored and grateful to have received this award. Thank you to all donors who made this opportunity possible; URAP has been agential in the most meaningful way by allowing me to pursue research that can serve to legitimize and highlight Native peoples' experiences.
Major: Microbial Biology and Gender & Women's Studies
Mentor: Arianne Eason and Victoria Keating, Psychology
Sponsor: Holmes-Olsen Fund
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