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Hilary Lu

Perceptual Learning and Stereo Vision Recovery with Virtual Reality

Impaired stereoscopic depth perception is one of the most common deficits associated with degraded vision. This summer, I will be assisting my research mentor in developing a stereo training program using Oculus Quest 2 and Vivid Vision to extensively track how human subjects with amblyopia improve in stereo vision. I am excited to conduct the 3D-recovery training, administer psychophysical tests, and analyze data. Our goal is to also understand whether amblyopes’ poor stereopsis is due to reduced disparity gain or increased internal disparity noise.

Message To Sponsor

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to conduct research over the summer at UC Berkeley with the URAP fellowship program. Not only can I expand my research skills and develop a deeper relationship with lab members, but I have the incredible experience of pursuing my interest in amblyopic vision and stereopsis. Thank you to all the donors for your support and continued belief in the program!
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Major: Molecular & Cell Biology
Mentor: Dennis M. Levi and Jian Ding/ School of Optometry
Sponsor: Chandra Research Fellows - Chandra Fund
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