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Jeffrie Wang

Outlier Nation - American "Exceptionalism" in Comparison to the Rest of the World

This summer, I will be working to support Professor Karabel’s research for his in-progress book on American “exceptionalism” and how America stands out from other countries, whether for better or for worse. To this end, I will be researching and sharing with Professor Karabel my findings on American economics, welfare, race issues, politics, and other key social issues. I have already done substantial research on the Clinton and Trump administrations in regard to American exceptionalism, and I will be continuing similar research alongside undertaking more data-driven tasks and administrative work to support Professor Karabel.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much to all the donors of the program. Without the summer stipend I would not have been able to afford staying in Berkeley over the summer and conducting research. The work I've done with my professor has definitely impacted what I want to do in the future and I truly appreciate this opportunity to improve not only as a researcher, but a learner. Thank you!
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Major: Business Administration
Mentor: Jerome Karabel, Sociology
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