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Jenny Chau

Genetics of Plant Development

During the development of plants, specific genes are expressed to induce the formation of different plant structures. There are genes that control vasculature, branching, floral growth, and much more. Mutating these genes result in abnormal growth. This summer, I will continue to assist my mentor in analyzing the function of genes important for plant branching and inflorescence development. To do so, I will be genotyping and phenotyping mutant Setaria plants and comparing them to wildtype. In addition, I will be using fluorescence microscopy to analyze where these genes are being expressed in the plant.

Message To Sponsor

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue helping my mentor with his research projects this summer. I learned a ton about plant development, genetics, and the research process. It was super exciting to have taken part in mapping a gene that controls wilting and in making a new discovery regarding brace root development! This summer has truly been astounding and has greatly helped me get through the pandemic. Thank you!!!
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Major: Molecular & Cell Biology
Mentor: Sarah Hake, Plant & Microbial Biology
Sponsor: Kay and Shaw Fund
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