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Joel Rojas

Pacific Islander Data Equity Project

As a research assistant for the Pacific Islander Task Force, I will continue to conduct quantitative data analysis on Maternal and Infant health data concerning mothers’ social demographics, health insurance, and health status. Our goal for this research project is to highlight the significant health disparities among Asian American and Pacific Islander mothers in the Bay Area counties of San Francisco, Alameda, and San Mateo through data disaggregation. My research not only shows the systematic causes of public health disparities but also inspires local and state departments of Public Health to effectively use our research to contribute in organizing and implementing government programs that address these public health disparities in the long run.

Message To Sponsor

I wanted to extend my gratitude in being provided the opportunity to continue my research in public health for the Asian American and Pacific Islander Bay Area community this summer. It is ultimately my hope to use public health research through my graduate school years and beyond as a platform to help alleviate the health disparities that continue to impact underserved populations.
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Major: Public Health
Mentor: Winston Tseng, Public Health
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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