Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Julianna Bass

Global Systemic Racism Book Project and EdX Course Development

My first research project this summer involves working on a Global Systemic Racism book project with the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality (BCCE). I will work closely with academics to compile chapters and essays, conduct market analyses, and assist in finalizing the text for publishing. I will also contribute to the BCCE’s Berkeley EdX project, researching lectures and conversations amongst scholars and activists in the field of global equality rights. I will work to incorporate the dialogue from these discussions into comprehensive online courses that contribute to the dissemination of comparative equality law scholarship.

Message To Sponsor

Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to continue working with the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality. Professor David Oppenheimer and the Center have taught me so much about the intersection of race, gender, and the law, and I am thrilled that my journey doing this work will continue past graduation.
Major: Psychology
Mentor: David Oppenheimer, Law
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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