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Kristy Dang

The Role of Attention in Motor Adaptation

I work in the CognAc lab, which focuses on how people select, plan, and perform movements. My goal this summer is to explore how attention affects the way subjects implicitly (unconsciously) adapt when their motor movements are perturbed. I want to determine the relationship between explicit focus and implicit learning. By studying how people learn motor movements, we hope to further understand neurological disorders and improve rehabilitation methods for patients.

Message To Sponsor

As an athlete, I have always been interested in how people learn to adapt their movements. And I think the best thing about this lab is that it really shows how important and complex motor control can be because it is usually something we take for granted. I am hoping that the work we do will improve the lives of neurological patients and alleviate any motor-related symptoms that may have.
Major: Integrative Biology and Sociology
Mentor: Richard Ivry, Psychology
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