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Lila Englander

How Should Air Pollution Co-Benefits be Counted?

This research project will investigate the economic, environmental, and policy trade-offs associated with the deployment of low-carbon resources in the electricity sector. Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can result in significant reductions of other “co-pollutants” (e.g., particulate matter pollution). In recent years, the health benefits associated with reductions in co-pollutants (co-benefits) have accounted for a remarkably large share of estimated benefits from climate change policies- and other major environmental regulations. This research project investigates the “co-benefits” of this deployment.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity. I have worked with this professor on the project since last August, but having the summer to spend more time allowed me to learn more and be involved more deeply than was possible during the school year. The project I assisted with relates to coal plant emissions and assessing interactions between multiple regulations. It's a very timely project and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work on it. This summer also enabled me to develop a closer relationship with my faculty mentor and research team. I have learned a lot from them as researchers and as people.
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Major: Economics
Mentor: Meredith Fowlie, Agricultural & Resource Economics
Sponsor: Cheunkarndee Fund
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