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Louis Curson-Mayorga

Community Accountable & Low Impact Archaeology

My research in the Bear Bones Lab focuses on collaborative archaeology that is stake-holder accountable with an emphasis in low impact remote sensing techniques that support community goals. Low impact methodologies are a high priority to many communities, particularly indigenous groups, these technologies allow them to have more control over their heritage. Archaeology has been a tool of colonialism, but through collaboration with indigenous groups we use it as a tool of social justice. I will continue to research remote sensing methodologies and engage with our tribal partners over Summer.

Message To Sponsor

Dear Donors, thank you so much for your generous gifts that enable students like me conduct research over the Summer with our labs! The research in our lab has been the most influential on me as a scholar and has put me on a path with so much opportunity.
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Major: Anthropology
Mentor: Jun Sunseri/ Anthropology
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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