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Mary Chan

Genetic Basis of Head Skeletal Development in the Threespine Stickleback

The Pitx2 gene is involved in eye and teeth development and cancer regulation. This summer, I will be further studying how Pitx2 mutations may affect tooth number in threespine stickleback fish by studying the phenotypes of various genetic crosses. This work will consist of both individual and collaborative projects in the Miller Lab.

Message To Sponsor

I first want to say thank you. Being able to work in the Miller Lab this past summer has been an experience that I will never forget. I was able to contribute and learn research in ways that I couldn't before as a full time student. With this stipend, I had the opportunity to fund my passions for a summer without worrying about my next pay check or financial aid. It has truly been a wonderful experience. I hope that you can continue to fund undergraduates who wish to further pursue research, science education, and personal growth.
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Major: Molecular & Cell Biology
Mentor: Craig Miller, Molecular & Cell Biology
Sponsor: Chandra Research Fellows - Chandra Fund
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