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Maya Malaviya

How Does the Duration of Experienced Environmental Changes Affect Motor Memories?

Our motor system has an impressive ability to adapt to changes in our environment, even without the involvement of our awareness. For example, we can step from a slippery floor onto a carpet and adjust the way we walk, all without conscious planning. Recent results indicate that people adapt to a different degree when they re-experience a previously encountered environmental change. In my project, I plan to study factors that might affect these motor adjustments. Specifically, during a remote behavioral study, I will vary the amount of participants’ initial experience with an environmental change.

Message To Sponsor

It was an honor to have this opportunity to continue remote research and make progress on models of motor learning. This not only benefits me as a budding scientist, but also benefits all of the people whose lives are impacted by our research. Thank you!
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Major: Cognitive Science
Mentor: Richard Ivry, Psychology
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