Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Megan Cistulli

Harvard/UNC Amicus Brief & EdX Course Development

I will focus on two summer research projects. First, I will continue working on an amicus brief in the Harvard/UNC affirmative action case. This research opportunity allows me to dive into the history of the diversity justification for affirmative action. Second, I will continue to research the lectures and discussions among global equality experts to incorporate into Berkeley EdX MOOC courses, which will directly contribute to my learning of the diversity of world-wide views of scholars of comparative equality law, particularly on the global #MeToo movement.

Message To Sponsor

The opportunity to gain hands-on learning experience in the field of comparative equality law with scholars and researchers who wrote the textbooks we study in school is an absolutely priceless experience. Not only am I inspired and motivated to learn about the intricacies of anti-discrimination law, but more than that, this research directly applies to my future as an aspiring attorney—a goal shaped by working with Professor David Oppenheimer at the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law.
Major: Political Science
Mentor: David Oppenheimer/ Berkeley Law
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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