Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Min Min Fong

Entrepreneurs at Home: Cottage Food & Home-Based Childcare

Can an expansion in licensing benefit micro-business entrepreneurs and reduce barriers traditionally associated with occupational licensing? Our team works to find the answer to this question through case studies of home-based businesses and daycare centers in California. We collect license and inspection data from counties as well as conduct interviews with small business owners. Based on our findings, we propose ways government policies can better support business owners, particularly historically marginalized entrepreneurs.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you to the donors for giving me this amazing opportunity to continue research over the summer, and thank you to my URAP mentor, Professor Manisha Padi, for nominating me for this stipend. I am truly grateful that you all have given me the chance to continue working with such amazing people on a project I am so passionate about.
Major: Applied Mathematics and Economics
Mentor: Manisha Padi, Law and Economics
Sponsor: De Benedetti Fund
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