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Neha Zahid

Malnutrition, Tooth Decay, and Gender

In low-income communities across the world, we have been observing an epidemic that is 100% preventable: tooth decay. Our in-depth analysis has repeatedly shown the correlation between poor oral health and malnutrition and our research aims to uncover the associated risk factors – junk food consumption and access, dental care access, oral health and nutrition education, mother’s education and feeding practices, family size, etc. I am interested in furthering our investigations by looking at the role of gender. What is the difference, if any, between tooth decay and malnutrition among girls and boys?

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With a strong interest in underserved areas and global health, this research allows me to interact with communities through on-site fieldwork as well as learn about the social, economic, and political factors that affect their health. I am particularly excited to analyze the role of gender to learn about social equity issues and take the next steps of empowerment and advocacy for the marginalized population.
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Major: Public Health, Molecular & Cell Biology
Mentor: Karen Sokal-Gutierrez, Public Health
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