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Nicole Carrasco

COVID-19 and shifts in Legal Consciousness

This summer, I will be continuing my research on the project – Making Publics in Public Health. The goal is to intertwine my interest in public health and law. The research concerns how information about health and disease is created, how it is provided to the news media, how this information reaches general audiences, and how people respond to it. I am particularly interested in asking about shifts in legal consciousness during the pandemic, how laypeople people enact the law in their daily lives, and the use of written law to enforce mandates.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you very much to those who have been able to fund this opportunity - it is appreciated beyond words. My experience with URAP has been unforgettable and has allowed me to intersect my interest to make for a nuanced perspective on public health and law interactions.
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Major: Society & Environment
Mentor: Charles L. Briggs/ Anthropology
Sponsor: Shin-Morgan
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