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Nicole-Hadassah Valdez

Global Economic Crises and Real Estate

I have been researching for the Fisher Center for the past academic year and am continuing on a new project. I am preparing an accepted paper for publication with revisions and furthering research on the integration of real and financial markets. Working off of N.N. Taleb’s “Black Swan”, the paper compares the boom and busts from 1800-1940’s to the recent 2007-2008 global financial crisis. The paper is solution-based and discusses possible remedies and strategies for the modern, global economy.

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Working at the Fisher Center has complemented theoretical economics with practical application-- a technical training that is unparalleled. During my time with Professor Edelstein and his wonderful team, I have grown in my passion for research and thanks to this program, I am able to continue my path of discovery.
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Major: Economics
Mentor: Robert Edelstein, Haas School of Business
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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