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Peiqiao Xie

Functional Study of a Novel Plant Nuclear Membrane Protein

The nuclear envelope, a hallmark of eukaryotic cells, harbors many proteins whose functions in plants remain poorly understood. One of the newly discovered nuclear envelope transmembrane proteins, PNET1, is shown to display a strong association with another protein that is known to play an essential role in effector-triggered immunity activation. To investigate how PNET1 may be implicated in the immune response activation mechanism and cell proliferation, I will continue to assist my mentors this summer in genotyping mutants of interest and performing follow-up assays targeting the potential interactions between PNET1 and pertinent proteins.

Message To Sponsor

URAP has offered me an invaluable learning experience in times of a global pandemic, and your kind support of the program helps to further my research journey. Thank you truly for your generosity!
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Major: Molecular & Cell Biology and Plant & Microbial Biology
Mentor: Yangnan Gu, Plant & Mircobial Biology
Sponsor: Guthrie Fund
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