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Ryan Bowers

Methyl Halide Pollution - Emphasis on Chloroform in Drinking Water

This summer I will be studying chloroform pollution in drinking water around the UC Berkeley campus. Initial measurements of chloroform in water near campus indicate that while chloroform levels don’t surpass legal requirements, they may surpass recommended health limits. Therefore, I will spend this summer researching the extent of this pollution and evaluating the hazards in reference to previously established legal limits. I will expand on this by addressing how homeowners can most effectively reduce chloroform in drinking water through cheap methods, such as using Brita filters.

Message To Sponsor

Doing research and real-world data analysis has increased my love for science and deepened my appreciation of the environment around me. I’ve always wanted to use my studies to contribute to making the world a better place around me. Through studying pollution and treatment in drinking water, I am glad that I can finally do so by spreading awareness about water quality. Research also has maintained my desire to learn new things, now that I can work on practical applications. I am thankful to all the donors who have enabled me to grow in this way and provided a way for me to give back.
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Major: Chemistry B.S.
Mentor: Robert Rhew
Sponsor: Anselm MPS Fund
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