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Samantha Kelly

ATLAS Hardware Research & Development

A major upgrade of the ATLAS detector is planned, with installation in the second half of this decade. The powerboards, a component of the planned replacement of the ATLAS tracking detector, are printed circuit boards built from a flexible polyamide core and loaded with SMDs and bare die components and chips. Together with Zhicai Zhang, we have developed a massive test crate that is able to perform electrical and thermal tests on 200 powerboards at one time. This summer, we will further develop the interlock system for this crate, and work on upgrading the ATLAS Inner Tracking detector (ITk).

Message To Sponsor

My work at the lab has opened my eyes to a part of experimental physics that I've never had access to before, and may change the entire trajectory of my career path. The people at ATLAS have made me feel like a member of the family, from inviting me to barbecues to giving me motivational anecdotes when I'm struggling, and I've never felt like anything other than their equal which -- given I have a decade less experience -- is a testament of their kindness and receptiveness to students in the lab. By receiving this stipend, I'll be able to continue doing something I've grown a strong passion for, and continue doing it with people who I know are fully invested in my success. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity, as this stipend has single-handedly made continuing my URAP work possible, and I hope you know the real impact this additional experience has on my goals. Thank you so much :)
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Major: Physics & Mathematics
Mentor: Marjorie Shapiro/ Physics
Sponsor: Anselm MPS Fund
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