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Siyana Hristova

Individual and Social Decision-Making Across the Lifespan

This summer I will be working on analyzing neurological data from consumer memory studies aimed at differentiating between and better understanding the neurological processes that occur during decision-making in the human brain.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you to my sponsors, to whom I am very grateful for providing me with the opportunity to work at the Neuroeconomics lab this summer. I am very excited to experience the life and work of a full-time researcher. This apprenticeship will help me gain new technical skills, as well as a deeper insight into the fields of neuroscience, computer science, economics and psychology. In addition, I am hoping that my work will be beneficial to the lab, the general research in the field, and one day to the world.
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Major: Data Science, Cognition
Mentor: Ming Hsu
Sponsor: Hampson Fund
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