Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Sooyeon Kim

Neurobehavioral Affective Control Training (N-ACT)

During the duration of Summer 2023, I will continue my work in the CALM Lab with the Attention, Impulsivity, Memory (AIM) study as well as the Neurobehavioral Affective Control Training (N-ACT) trials. The main objectives of the AIM research are to understand how stress impacts attention and memory in real-world decision-making and the relationship between emotional and non-emotional cognitive processes. N-ACT is a cognitive training program that utilizes computer-based tasks to practice various mental techniques related to emotional processing and control. The main objective is to determine if the N-ACT program leads to differences in the way people feel, think, and act–especially those who suffer from various psychopathologies.

Message To Sponsor

I am incredibly grateful for this research opportunity and would like to thank the people who have made it possible for me to continue studying a topic that I am passionate about. My experience in the CALM Lab has been nothing short of inspiring and due to this award, I can continue learning from amazing people. I am looking forward to further strengthening my research skills and can’t wait to spend the summer in Berkeley!
Major: Cognitive Science
Mentor: Sheri Johnson and J.D. Allen, Psychology
Sponsor: Chandra Fund
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