Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Tanvi Thummala

Decoding Cerebellum Activation in Sensorimotor Learning Tasks Using EEG

Decoding cerebellum signals using EEG has previously believed to be difficult due to the deep location and varied firing features of the cerebellum. However, recent developments in the field have allowed for successful identification of cerebellum-related signals while participants complete tasks that test their motor adaptation. The goal of this project is to more fully map these signals as they relate to the field of sensorimotor learning. This summer, I will work on setting up this experiment, collecting pilot data, and analyzing the EEG.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you to the donors for the opportunity to continue to pursue my research this summer! My work with the Ivry Lab has been foundational in continuing to hone my skills. Your investments will help continue my academic and professional journey. Thank you!
Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Mentor: Tianhe Wang/Department of Psychology
Sponsor: Holmes-Olson
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