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Tianyu Claire Qiao

Global Great Power Competition at the Berkeley APEC Study Center

In this summer I plan to assist Professor Vinod K. Aggarwal to research on the Global Great Power Competition, especially the Geo-Economic and Geo-strategic Dimensions between the U.S. and China in the 21st Century. We will look at the contours, dynamics, and characteristics of this new rivalry and who are the main contestants and what are the main areas of competition.

Message To Sponsor

I really appreciate the school URAP program and Professor Vinod K. Aggarwal's trust and nomination. Not only it gives me a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of research in Political Science, but also allows me to deepen my understanding of International Relations! Also, through this program and Professor Aggarwal's recommendation and nomination, I will be able to attend a conference on this topic in August at UCSD. Thank you sincerely!
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Major: Political Science
Mentor: Vinod K. Aggarwal
Sponsor: Shin-Morgan
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