Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Yulitzi Vizcarra

Seeding Advanced Treated Wastewater for the Purpose of Direct Potable Reuse

Investigate using a biological activated carbon (BAC) filter to “seed” advanced treated wastewater. The project also aims to answer whether this technique can provide a more stable and less pathogenic microbial community in the biofilms and bulk water of simulated distribution systems. During this summer we hope to perform qPCR of P. aeruginosa, M. avium, and L. pneumophila and complete Metagenomic sequencing after DNA extractions.

Message To Sponsor

Through this program, I have the opportunity to work alongside a talented researcher and to contribute to a meaningful project that has the potential to make a difference in the world.Thanks to your support, I will pursue my passion and develop essential skills that will be invaluable as I continue my academic and professional journey. Your investment in my future means more than words can express.
Major: Environmental Engineering Science
Mentor: Kara Nelson in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Sponsor: Anselm MPS Fund
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