Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Ziheng Liu

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Throughout this summer, I will be participating in a project about digital surveillance in neighborhood. Specifically, I will be locating resources about the examples of digital street surveillance in the cities across the United States. Digital street surveillance is one of the chapters in this project.

Diamond Luong

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Ferroptosis is a newly described form of iron-mediated cell death, triggered by intracellular increases in lipid hydroperoxides. Gpx4 has been identified as an important modulator of this process as it participates in the reduction of lipid hydroperoxides. Prdx6 is highly expressed in the lung, and it is also capable of reducing lipid hydroperoxides and repairing lipid peroxidation (oxidative degradation of lipids). Over the course of this summer, I will be comparing the relative roles of Prdx6 versus Gpx4 in reducing lipid peroxides and mediating ferroptosis in mouse and human lung […]

Olivia MacDonald

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This summer I will be continuing my two years of effort to produce a stable maize transformant. I will be using a proprietary strain of agrobacteria, a bacteria that inserts its genome into that of plants to insert my genes of choice into embryos of maize and seteria. This process does not provide reliable transformants yet, so I will be testing how the plant’s genotype affects efficiency of transformation, as well as the agrobacterium genotype and effects of transformation helper plasmids. Additionally, I will be genotyping my transformants and observing […]

Cheenar Gupte

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This summer I will continue the research I have been a part of since Fall 2017, primarily working on updating and refining the code used to gather and query data. Additionally, my group has been collecting additional data from a variety of sources to try and see how different factors ranging from weather and air quality to availability of housing affect consumer ticket value and how much of that ticket value we can attribute to each of those factors.

Destiny Saucedo

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This summer I will be continuing my work with Dr. Matanock as a research assistant. My primary job is to take information listed in the constitutions of selected countries and code them. The coding protocol focuses on variables that can be coded using country’s constitutions and amendments. Our data set covers developing countries between 1980 and 2017, and we seek to capture provisions regarding the military, security forces, national security councils/units, intelligence units, and legislative oversight regarding a state’s defense forces. This project is conducted alongside two other professors, whose […]

Jordan Jomsky

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This summer, I will be participating in both wet lab and dry lab research. While I extract and compile genetic data from moss samples, I will be performing statistical analysis and creating data visualizations for the genetic sex data of the moss samples. Further, I will be also attending the Botany conference in July to present on the undergraduate lab experience with data science and how to apply the principles of the discipline to botanical research.

Ryan Bowers

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This summer I will be studying chloroform pollution in drinking water around the UC Berkeley campus. Initial measurements of chloroform in water near campus indicate that while chloroform levels don’t surpass legal requirements, they may surpass recommended health limits. Therefore, I will spend this summer researching the extent of this pollution and evaluating the hazards in reference to previously established legal limits. I will expand on this by addressing how homeowners can most effectively reduce chloroform in drinking water through cheap methods, such as using Brita filters.

Brianna Blair

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This summer, I will be piloting a study on the mental and physical health effects of identity denial among people with marginalized identities. I hope to analyze the effects of downplaying a visible marginalized identity and how this can have detrimental health consequences. I will also continue assisting graduate students and Professor Jacoby-Senghor with their various lab projects throughout the summer.

Kevin Xu

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We are interested in understanding the biomechanics of various organisms by analyzing how physical structure affects the organism’s mechanical functions in nature. From amoeba pseudopods to barnacle larvae antennae, we are primarily interested in understanding the feeding and locomotive mechanisms of different organisms and figuring out what advantages these specific mechanisms confer to each organism. By studying the interface of organism biomechanics and system fluid/solid mechanics, we can elucidate the basic physical rules that govern different kinds of organisms.

Coco Xu

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This summer, I will continue to work on this research project which studies issues affecting access to the civil justice system by reading judicial opinions from U.S. Court of Appeals. These issues include class certification, damages, standing, sufficiency of pleadings and attorney’s fees. Judges from federal appellate courts have great discretion in deciding these issues and setting precedents for lower courts to follow. Their decisions on certain issues — including what groups of individuals can bring on lawsuits as a class, how much punitive damage can be granted to a […]