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Eli Wirtschafter

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In 1849, two competing performances of Shakespeare’s Macbeth sparked a deadly riot in New York City. What began as a rivalry between two actorsan American star with a working-class fan base and a British tragedian with an aristocratic followingbecame a conflict over class divisions, British cultural influence, and permitted conduct in the theater. Previous scholarship tends to focus on the two actors, at the expense of understanding what led audiences at the time to invest so heavily in performances of Shakespeare. Using a mix of archival documents and secondary sources, […]

Prashant Bhat

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CRISPR RNAs (crRNAs) are instrumental in mediating a prokaryotic immune response by targeting and subsequently directing the degradation of invasive genetic elements. Research is currently underway to harness the CRISPR system for biomedical applications including the detection and diagnosis of viruses in human clinical samples. My project investigates the components of the large multi-subunit complex found in E. colitermed Cascadewhich is responsible for targeting and destroying invading nucleic acid via an unknown mechanism. Prior work from our lab has shown that a key protein in the Cascade complex called Cas7 […]

Bryce Jarman

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The goal of my research project is to study a new method of bioconjugation: an oxidant mediated coupling reaction. This reaction is highly site specific and unreactive with the functional groups traditionally found in biological systems, making it useful for the efficient construction of biomaterials with a variety of different functions. Although this reaction has already seen a variety of uses, further studies into the mechanism will allow for even greater tuning of the reactions selectivity and efficiency. To do this I will prepare a set of internal standards and […]

Mark Mullan

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Circadian clocks are endogenous timers that allow organisms to anticipate daily changes in their environment, and adapt accordingly. In plants, growth, photosynthetic activity, and flowering time are all processes through which circadian regulation plays an integral role. Over the summer, I will be working with Arabidopsis thaliana, one of the model organisms used for plant genetics. The population has mutations in their warm acute response of prr7 (warp) genes, causing them to have acute responses to temperature signals that set circadian rhythms. My objective is to determine both how warp2 […]

Robyn Taylor

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What does it mean to find oneself “On the Road?” What is the significance of traveling east to west? By traveling across the United States and examining the rhythm, kinetics, and visual movement of particular locations, I can try on the philosophical lenses of three American writers who were greatly influenced by place. Jack Kerouac, Henry David Thoreau, and Walt Whitman were not only affected by their surroundings, they made a presence in American literature by promoting self participation in life. They did so each in their own unique rhythm […]

Ziang Xie

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A key challenge in bringing robots out of the manufacturing setting and into homes and offices is that of perception: though many robots are equipped with numerous sensors, there is currently no reliable computer algorithm which can take as input images of unpredictable, cluttered environments and identify each object in the image and estimate its 3D pose.Recently, there have been many advances in the field of unsupervised feature learning via neural networks, specifically in the learning of sparse features. Given the vast amount of data online, as well as the […]

Emily Booker

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Ancient Cyprus has generally been shadowed by its neighbors Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia, yet the small island, is an ideal entrpot. In the Late Bronze Age (1550-1050 BCE), the influence of internationalism can be seen in the appearance of cylinder seals on Cyprus. This summer I am researching the interesting mix of locally and internationally produced cylinder seals and what they can tell scholars about Cypriot society. This study investigates the seals’ use on Cyprus, like what new roles they played and which Cypriot needs they fulfilled. I will study […]

Josephine Juanamarga

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In my research, I aim to explore the mechanisms behind why Asians experience more difficulty in disclosing personal problems and approaching others for help in various situations (especially emotionally) than when compared to Westerners. Do different styles of communication (indirect vs. direct) or differences in the implicit sense of power status (high vs. low) moderate this interaction? Might Asians show preference seeking certain people to whom they disclose their problems or seek help from? I hope that this research could help shed light on the acculturation process and success of […]

Jared Nathanson

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All land plants undergo an alternation of generations. This alternation occurs between a haploid gametophyte and a diploid sporophyte. In the early-diverging lineages of land plants, such as liverworts, hornworts, and mosses, the haploid gametophyte is dominant in the life cycle. However, in later-diverging lineages, such as gymnosperms and angiosperms, the diploid sporophyte is dominant while the haploid gametophyte is transient. It is possible that this evolution of sporophyte dominance may have been caused by a delay in Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 (PRC2)-triggered meiosis in the sporophyte generation. PRC2 functions […]

Marissa Teitelman

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Certain histories have been ignored that are incredibly important to understanding self-identity. The Dutch West India Companys (WIC) history epitomized trans-Atlantic diaspora, creating unique cultures all over the world and intensifying identity transformations. I will examine the extent of the Dutch role in producing identity transformation and cultural diaspora along the 17th century WIC slave route from Amsterdam, to Ghana, to Curaao, and finally to New Amsterdam. I will draw on publications from experts in the field such as Paul Gilroy, Kwesi Yankah, and Linda Heywood. Looking at tales, traditions, […]