Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Haas Scholars Program

“By far Haas Scholars is the best thing I have on my resume…it has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my undergraduate career.”(12-13 Haas Scholar)

“The program continues to be both a very fond memory and a source of happiness for me! in my job interview for my current position I spoke at length about my experience as a Haas scholar and I was later old that this helped me to secure my position. The program made my last year at Berkeley one of my richest to date!”(10-11 Haas Scholar)

“As a Haas Scholar, I learned how to explain scientific concepts to people without a science background. After being in medical school and the hospital for the past two years, I am even more convinced that that it is crucial to be able to explain the disease process to patients. I am very certain that this valuable skill will not only make me a better clinician, but also improve the health outcome of the patients I serve.”(09-10 Haas Scholar)

“The Haas Scholars program made me hone my skills and strengths, shored up my weaknesses, and gave me steady footing for going into my Master’s program…it has really shaped my career plans and enabled me to gain the skills I will need, not to mention the self-esteem, to go further in all I do.” (12-13 Haas Scholar)

“Prior to participating in the Haas Scholars Program, I was just another student trying to graduate from college. But the Haas Scholars Program brought out the “original thinker” in me and pushed me beyond my comfort zone…I’m going to graduate school in the fall and I can’t wait to continue my research at the graduate level.”(12-13 Haas Scholar)

“I learned so much during my undergraduate research experience that afterwards, doing a master’s degree at Oxford seemed like a piece of cake! One life changing aspect of the program was having a cohort of inspiring peers which led to many strong friendships. Most of us are still in close contact (some even visited me in Oxford!) and as a result, I am continually inspired by the great things they achieve and evermore thankful for the positive influence they all had on me.”(10-11 Haas Scholar)

“If I were to make a list of my passions in this moment, almost all of them are connected to or have grown out of my Haas experience. When I applied, I was a recent transfer student and felt slightly insecure in regards to my academic development at that point. Now, in retrospect, my experience with the Haas Scholars Program has given me the confidence and experience necessary to launch me into the world of critical thinking and personal as well as community growth in scholarship.”(09-10 Haas Scholar)

“I have learned and grown so much through participation in this program. Research has at times been really difficult, overwhelming, baffling, frustrating, demoralizing, and aggravating but I would do it all again. Although this last year has presented some very difficult challenges and forced my brain to do all sorts of crazy tricks I didn’t know it was capable of, I look back on this experience with gratitude and a sense of pride and will continue to tell every UC Berkeley undergraduate I can of its joys.(12-13 Haas Scholar)

“I knew the program would allow me to execute my project and support me in doing so, but I didn’t know that I would be given so much knowledge and information about such a wide variety of topics. My expectations were most exceeded with the cohort. I really didn’t anticipate meeting and really connecting and getting so much from EVERYBODY in the cohort– amazing beyond words. The impact it has had on my life will carry throughout it without a doubt.”(12-13 Haas Scholar)

“Before [beginning the Haas Scholars Program], one of the previous Haas Scholars told me, “Joining the Haas Scholars cohort was just as life-changing as was my decision to go to UC Berkeley in the first place.” I now know exactly what he meant.”(12-13 Haas Scholar)