Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Haas Scholars Program

Timeline (for 2024–2025 cohort)

Spring semester 2024

In any order (earlier is much less stressful and is highly recommended to increase your chances of selection, but every year some “late starters” are also selected):

  • Come to the Haas Scholars Info Session workshop
  • Meet with the Program Manager/Advisor to check your eligibility and get help finding a mentor, defining a topic, and getting started on your proposal
  • Find a mentor
  • Define a topic
  • Come to the “Writing a Proposal” workshop
  • Write a draft of your proposal; show it to lots of people to get feedback; revise your proposal

By early February 2024: 

Ask your sponsor and your professional reference for letters of recommendation;

Also, request letters of support if they are relevant to your topic (demonstrating access to archives or particular resources)

By March 1, 2024, 12 noon:

Submit your application, including your proposal and budget, and a creative sample if you are proposing a creative project (art, dance, creative writing, etc.)

Your letters of recommendation and support are due March 8, 2024, 12 noon.

By early April 2024:

All applicants will be notified of selection decisions.

Turn in your scholar’s contract, photo, project description, and reception RSVP to the program office.

April 11, 2024:

The New Scholars Reception, where the new Haas Scholars will be presented to the world, and the “old” Haas Scholars pass the baton to you. 

Summer 2024

May 20–24, 2024:

Attend the Haas Scholars Orientation Retreat; get to know your cohort members and build a community, and receive wise advice from faculty members. 

May 28–August 16, 2024:

Engage in full-time research. Over the summer you will meet at least twice with all members of your cohort (in person or via zoom), check in regularly via bCourses, and meet with your small disciplinary group every two weeks. 

Fall semester 2024

Every Friday from August 30–December 6, 2024; 12-2 PM:

The Haas Scholars seminar will meet Fridays from 12-2 pm weekly. 

Spring semester 2025

The Haas Scholars writing seminar (1 unit) provides support for those finishing their honors theses this semester. Fridays 12-2 pm.

Early April 2024:

Conference panel practice.

April 2025:

New Scholars Reception in Ishi Court, where you will welcome and introduce new Haas Scholars.

The Haas Scholars Conference (each scholar presents to the public). Scholars must attend the entire conference, all day on both days.

May 9, 2025:

Turn in the thesis, last receipts, exit survey, give feedback, and wrap up any last loose ends. 

After May 2025:

Become an active member of the Haas Scholars alumni network!