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Summer 2016 All Fellows

Profile image of Amit AkulaProfile image of Amit Akula

Amit Akula

DT-MRI Visualization of the brains optical networks to understand MS Pathology

Rose Hills

Profile image of Sofia ArevaloProfile image of Sofia Arevalo

Sofia Arevalo

Relationship between wear and nano-mechanical properties of Polycarbonate Urethane (PCU)

Rose Hills

Profile image of Claudia ChanProfile image of Claudia Chan

Claudia Chan

The role of miR-200 in regulating self-renewing cancer stem cells in Kras lung adenocarcinomas

Rose Hills

Profile image of Emily ChongProfile image of Emily Chong

Emily Chong

Identifying correlations between transposable elements, genome size, and lifespan

Rose Hills

Profile image of Kirk DuranProfile image of Kirk Duran

Kirk Duran

Identification of solid phases transition in BaFe2As2 using Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy

Rose Hills

Profile image of Tiffany FungProfile image of Tiffany Fung

Tiffany Fung

Investigating the development of a subject's trained preferred retinal locus in response to a simulated central scotoma

Rose Hills

Profile image of Chase GarciaProfile image of Chase Garcia

Chase Garcia

Effects of Calorie Restriction and Mimetics on Protein Translation Rates In Vivo by a Novel Tandem Mass Spectrometric Method

Rose Hills

Profile image of Cee GouldProfile image of Cee Gould

Cee Gould

HST/WFC3 Imaging and Multi-Wavelength Characterization of Edge-On Protoplanetary Disks

Rose Hills

Profile image of Kenneth HanProfile image of Kenneth Han

Kenneth Han

Recombinantly expressed tobacco mosaic virus nanocarrier for chemotherapeutic applications

Rose Hills

Profile image of Rebecca KuanProfile image of Rebecca Kuan

Rebecca Kuan

Understanding how the -arrestin Rog3 plays a role in negatively regulating GPCR Ste2

Rose Hills

Profile image of Justin RigbyProfile image of Justin Rigby

Justin Rigby

The Elucidation of a Host Race Formation of Oak Mistletoe (Phoradendron leucarpum subsp. tomentosum)

Rose Hills

Profile image of Logan RuddProfile image of Logan Rudd

Logan Rudd

Development of an Apparatus to Measure Relative Reflectivity of Teflon Samples to 175 nm Light in Liquid Xenon

Rose Hills

Profile image of Jordan SaidProfile image of Jordan Said

Jordan Said

Comparative functional analysis of endocytic membrane curvature-sensing BAR domain proteins in cancer and stem cell lines

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Andrew SongProfile image of Andrew Song

Andrew Song

Ectopic Kinetochore Formation and Endogenous Centromere Dysfunction due to the Over- Expression of CENP-A

Rose Hills

Daniel Srole

Structural Basis of Macrolide Sensitivity and its Impacts on Antibiotic Design and Use

Rose Hills

Profile image of Parker StowProfile image of Parker Stow

Parker Stow

Cycloprodigiosin Enzyme Discovery: Searching for the Gene Implicated in the Biosynthesis of a Novel Marine Natural Product

Rose Hills

Profile image of Dingyuan I. SunProfile image of Dingyuan I. Sun

Dingyuan I. Sun

CRISPR/Cas9-mediated functional screening of proton pumps during development of the Xenopus mucociliary epidermis

L&S Sciences