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Profile image of Samar BhatProfile image of Samar Bhat

Samar Bhat

Understanding IRES RNA-mediated mechanisms for controlling Hepatitis C Virus Translation

Rose Hills

Profile image of Percival ChenProfile image of Percival Chen

Percival Chen

Identifying Regions Responsible for Sex Chromosome Drive in a Non-model Drosophila Species

Rose Hills

Hannah Chi

Defining the transcriptional regulation of ATF5 isoforms during mitochondrial stress across multiple cell types

Rose Hills

Profile image of Ann DengProfile image of Ann Deng

Ann Deng

In Vitro Reconstitution of mTORC1 Recruitment Using a Supported Lipid Bilayer System

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Sophia GaynesProfile image of Sophia Gaynes

Sophia Gaynes

Developing a New Method of Measuring the magnetoelectric Switching in BiFeO3 at the Nanoscale

Rose Hills

Profile image of Andrew HongProfile image of Andrew Hong

Andrew Hong

Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance Zinc Probes for Prostate Cancer Detection and Risk Stratification

Rose Hills

Profile image of Maria JiProfile image of Maria Ji

Maria Ji

Investigating the Egyptian Fruit Bat as a Mammalian Model for Vocal Learning

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Loren JiangProfile image of Loren Jiang

Loren Jiang

Repulsive-force electrostatic actuators for low-cost, scalable mechanical stimulation of cell cultures

Rose Hills

Profile image of Yu MaProfile image of Yu Ma

Yu Ma

Analysis of Matrix Multiplication Complexity Using Properties of Tensors

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Kayla MaanumProfile image of Kayla Maanum

Kayla Maanum

Effect of visual experience on ventral-preferring ganglion cell patterning in the mouse retina

Rose Hills

Profile image of Xammy NguyenlaProfile image of Xammy Nguyenla

Xammy Nguyenla

Identification of IFN-inducible Genes Essential in Control of Tuberculosis Infection Using a CRISPR/Cas9 System

Rose Hills

Profile image of Jonathan QuProfile image of Jonathan Qu

Jonathan Qu

Untangling evolutionary relationships among Polystichum californicum and its progenitors

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Yein RaProfile image of Yein Ra

Yein Ra

Controlling Antibiotic Production: Regulation of Secondary Metabolism in Streptomyces

Rose Hills

Profile image of Jamie ShiahProfile image of Jamie Shiah

Jamie Shiah

Investigating the membrane remodeling activity of ESCRT-III helical polymers with ATPase spastin

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Ryan ShihProfile image of Ryan Shih

Ryan Shih

Development and Integration of MEMS Devices for Submerged Microrobotics: Swimming at the Microscale

Rose Hills

Profile image of Derek WanProfile image of Derek Wan

Derek Wan

ReVAS: Extracting and Standardizing Eye Motion Data from Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopes

Rose Hills

Profile image of Michael YiProfile image of Michael Yi

Michael Yi

Synthesis and Testing of Porous, Sulfonated Polymer Systems for Drug Capture

Rose Hills