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Profile image of Nadir BiliciProfile image of Nadir Bilici

Nadir Bilici

Characterizing Dopamine D1R and D2R expressing neurons in the medial prefrontal cortex

Rose Hills

Profile image of Katherine ChenProfile image of Katherine Chen

Katherine Chen

Characterization of lipid droplet, nitric oxide, and cytokine production in primary macrophages from mice susceptible to Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Rose Hills

Profile image of Xiao Hua ChenProfile image of Xiao Hua Chen

Xiao Hua Chen

Evaluating Chromatins Role in Sex-Specific Aging with Drosophila Lifespan AssaysDoris Bachtrog

Rose Hills

Profile image of Gregory ChinProfile image of Gregory Chin

Gregory Chin

Albumin-Induced Reactive Astrocytosis Following Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption: A Model for Age- Related Seizure Susceptibility

Rose Hills

Profile image of Dustin CoxProfile image of Dustin Cox

Dustin Cox

Investigation of the ttr genes in C. elegans and their role in regulating development and lifespan, potentially through hormonal signaling

Rose Hills

Profile image of Lisa DuProfile image of Lisa Du

Lisa Du

Interplay between LKB1 and mTOR in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Rose Hills

Profile image of Megan FuProfile image of Megan Fu

Megan Fu

Host Water Stress Effects on Mealybug Vector Preference and Survivorship

Rose Hills

Profile image of Sung Won HanProfile image of Sung Won Han

Sung Won Han

Defining the interaction between c-Met and beta-1 integrin in invasive resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy in glioblastoma

Rose Hills

Profile image of Gabriel KaufmanProfile image of Gabriel Kaufman

Gabriel Kaufman

Characterization of Delayed Fluorescence in Mixed Single- Crystal Organic Scintillator Materials

Rose Hills

Profile image of Alexander KimProfile image of Alexander Kim

Alexander Kim

Evaluation of Dengue Virus Anti-NS1 Antibody Responses Following Live Attenuated Tetravalent Vaccination in a Clinical Trial

Rose Hills

Profile image of Louis LauProfile image of Louis Lau

Louis Lau

Serum IgG avidity after dengue virus vaccination in humans: Breadth of response to tetravalent DENV vaccination

Rose Hills

Profile image of Katrina OlsonProfile image of Katrina Olson

Katrina Olson

How is gene expression controlled during development? Identifying minimal promoters in Ciona Intestinalis

Rose Hills

Profile image of Meg PerretProfile image of Meg Perret

Meg Perret

Amphibians, Agency & Affect: On the Production of Scientific Knowledge in the Anthropocene

Rose Hills

Profile image of Robert PotterProfile image of Robert Potter

Robert Potter

Macrophage metabolic changes due to AKT inhibition during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Rose Hills

Profile image of Jifang XiaoProfile image of Jifang Xiao

Jifang Xiao

Applications of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (hPSC) Derived Dopaminergic (DA) Neurons in Treating Parkinson's Disease in Rodents

Rose Hills

Profile image of Annie YauProfile image of Annie Yau

Annie Yau

Mapping and phenotypic characterization of sax-5 and sax-9 genes involved in anterior-posterior guidance and migration

Rose Hills

Profile image of Jimmy YinProfile image of Jimmy Yin

Jimmy Yin

Investigating the Effects of Trait Anxiety Vulnerability on Fear Association to Compound Stimuli

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