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Brandon Endo

The origin and evolution of duplicated mitochondrial genes in the parthenogenic gecko, Heteronotia binoei

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Joshua KaneProfile image of Joshua Kane

Joshua Kane

Characterizing the Formation and Phylogenetic History of an 81-Member Tandem Duplicated Pre-tRNA Gene Cluster in Arabidopsis thaliana

L&S Sciences

James Lee

Differential response of wild-type and mutant small heat shock protein alpha-crystallin to chemical and thermal stresses

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Janet LuoProfile image of Janet Luo

Janet Luo

Systematically Detect Fine Scale Crossover Breakpoints with High Density SNP Markers in Three Generation Tri-Trio Pedigrees

L&S Sciences

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Matthew McElroy

Thermal Ecology and Physiology of two Cryptic Skinks, Emoia cyanura and E. impar, on Mo'orea, French Polynesia

L&S Sciences