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Summer 2012 All Fellows

Profile image of Michael AppelProfile image of Michael Appel

Michael Appel

Deciphering the Mechanisms by which Bacillus Megaterium provides infection resistance for Caenorhabditis elegans from Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Rose Hills

Profile image of Viktoria BetinProfile image of Viktoria Betin

Viktoria Betin

Characterization of signaling pathway involved in bacterial regulation of multicellular development in closest living relatives of animals

Rose Hills

Profile image of Prashant BhatProfile image of Prashant Bhat

Prashant Bhat

Investigating the Mechanism of RNA-Mediated Target Interference in a Bacterial CRISPR System

Rose Hills

Profile image of Alyson CookProfile image of Alyson Cook

Alyson Cook

Genetic Control of Development and Evolution in the Three Spine Stickeback Skeleton

Rose Hills

Profile image of S. Zayd EnamProfile image of S. Zayd Enam

S. Zayd Enam

Using Machine Learning Techniques to Fit Receptive Fields of Speech Spectrogram Trained Auditory Neurons

Rose Hills

Profile image of Nicole GreenfieldProfile image of Nicole Greenfield

Nicole Greenfield

Analyzing the Ecological and Geomorphological Effects of Reintroducing Native Plants in Riparian Zones of He'eia Stream

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Andrew HwangProfile image of Andrew Hwang

Andrew Hwang

Activation and selectivity pathways for nitric oxide reduction by hydrogen over noble metal catalysts

Rose Hills

Profile image of Angel JungProfile image of Angel Jung

Angel Jung

Characterization of ms32, a bHLH Gene Required for Tapetum Development in Maize

Rose Hills

Jacqueline Lee

Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) and Gonadotropin Inhibitory Hormone (GnIH) Interactions Over Time In Birds That Exhibit Delayed Puberty

Rose Hills

Profile image of Jacob LewisProfile image of Jacob Lewis

Jacob Lewis

The Effects of Myopia and of Atropine Treatment on the Creep Response of Whole Eyes

Rose Hills

Profile image of Kevin LinProfile image of Kevin Lin

Kevin Lin

Crystallization of Analog-sensitive ZAP-70 with a Genetically Modified Inhibitor

Rose Hills

Profile image of Edwin LiuProfile image of Edwin Liu

Edwin Liu

Clarifying the Mechanisms of Ergothioneine Depletion in Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)

Rose Hills

Profile image of Elaina MarshalekProfile image of Elaina Marshalek

Elaina Marshalek

Maximizing Biodiversity Conservation in Tropical Production Forests Through Optimal Reserve Site Selection & Strategic Harvest Planning

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Mark MullanProfile image of Mark Mullan

Mark Mullan

Characterizing the Arabidopsis warp2 Gene Responsible For Responding to Temperature Signals by Affecting the Circadian Clock

Rose Hills

Profile image of Yung-En PerngProfile image of Yung-En Perng

Yung-En Perng

Hexapodal Robustness: the effects of leg loss on energetic and kinematic performance in Blaberus discoidalis cockroaches

Rose Hills

Profile image of Jacob RichardsProfile image of Jacob Richards

Jacob Richards

The Dynamic Resting Brain: Dopamine-Dependent Changes in Functional Connectivity of Intrinsic Networks

Rose Hills

Maria Simanovskaia

Investigations of Side Bands in Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance Signals of Negatively Charged Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond

L&S Sciences

Bill Stewart

GETTING THE MESSAGE: Understanding the Construction and Effectiveness of Media-based HIV Prevention Information Targeting African American Men, Residing in Alameda County

Humanities and Social Science

Tara Sulur

Determining the Sub-cellular Localization of Neuronal Protein Homologs in Choanoflagellates using Transmission Electron Microscopy

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Flora TingProfile image of Flora Ting

Flora Ting

Determining Biochemical Benefits of Gene Therapy on the Peripheral Nervous System in Cholesterol Deficient Mice

Rose Hills

Profile image of Jordan TsaiProfile image of Jordan Tsai

Jordan Tsai

A Neurospora crassa Serine-threonine Kinsae Involved in the Transition to Cellulolytic Metabolism

Rose Hills

Profile image of Sarah WengProfile image of Sarah Weng

Sarah Weng

Characterizing and Understanding the Initial Infection Profile of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its Relationship to Systemic Dissemination

Rose Hills