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Summer 2013 All Fellows

Profile image of Rami ArissProfile image of Rami Ariss

Rami Ariss

Improving Sintered Cadmium Telluride Nanocrystals Films for Photovoltaics by Controlled Halide Surface Chemistry

Rose Hills

Profile image of Cameron BaradarProfile image of Cameron Baradar

Cameron Baradar

Designing and Implementing a Compact, Low Power Capacitively Coupled Contactless Conductivity Detector for Use in a Point of Care Diagnostic Device Coupled with a Microfluidic Chip

Rose Hills

Profile image of Nadir BiliciProfile image of Nadir Bilici

Nadir Bilici

Role of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex in Learning and Memory: Integrating Antagonistic Effects of Reward Signals

Rose Hills

Profile image of Stephanie ByunProfile image of Stephanie Byun

Stephanie Byun

Study of the over-expression of Thioredoxin h in Sorghum bicolor and its effects on seed protein digestibility

L&S Sciences

Profile image of YeeAnn ChenProfile image of YeeAnn Chen

YeeAnn Chen

Characterizing the Tumor Suppressive Functions of MIR-449 miRNAs in the E-myc B Cell Lymphoma Mouse Model

L&S Sciences

Profile image of April ChoiProfile image of April Choi

April Choi

The Mechanism of Nor-1 Mitochondrial Translocation during Thymocyte Negative Selection

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Thamine DalichaouchProfile image of Thamine Dalichaouch

Thamine Dalichaouch

Investigating the Effects of Electric Field Noise from Metallic Surfaces on Ultra-Low Temperature Ion Traps at Low Frequencies

Rose Hills

Profile image of Mansee DesaiProfile image of Mansee Desai

Mansee Desai

Uncovering the Role of Global mRNA Degradation during the Gammaherpesvirus Lifecycle

Rose Hills

Xuchen Hu

Evaluating the Role of Trehalose in Desiccation Tolerance in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Arvin JavadiProfile image of Arvin Javadi

Arvin Javadi

Analyzing the Effects of Temperature on Protein Fragments of Human and Snake TRPA1 Ankyrin Repeats

Rose Hills

Profile image of Bernard KimProfile image of Bernard Kim

Bernard Kim

Interfacial Contributions to the Electrochemical Performance of a Printed Supercapacitor

Rose Hills

Profile image of Louis LauProfile image of Louis Lau

Louis Lau

IgG Serum Avidity After Dengue Natural Infection and Vaccination: Breadth of Response and Association to Outcome

Rose Hills

Profile image of Mark MullanProfile image of Mark Mullan

Mark Mullan

High-Throughput Screen for Antibiotic Compounds to Target the Initial Enzymatic Steps of Respiratory Sulfate Reduction

Rose Hills

Profile image of Arya NikjooProfile image of Arya Nikjoo

Arya Nikjoo

Studying Uptake Patterns of a Glycosaminoglycan into Epithelial Cells in Physiologically-Relevant Culture Models

Rose Hills

Robert Potter

Understanding the Effects of AKT Pathway Inhibitors on the Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Macrophages

Rose Hills

Profile image of Ryan RezvaniProfile image of Ryan Rezvani

Ryan Rezvani

The Directed Evolution of Novel G-Protein Coupled Receptors for Orthogonal Binding with Select Ligands

Rose Hills

Profile image of Anita SatishProfile image of Anita Satish

Anita Satish

Text it or Forget it? The Application of Text Messaging to Enhance Memory for Learned Information

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Joshua SaulProfile image of Joshua Saul

Joshua Saul

Identification of Novel Genes Involved in Regeneration in Drosophila Using a Newly Developed Ablation System

Rose Hills

Jenkang Tao

Role of Cocaine and Amphetamine-Regulated Transcript (CART) Peptide in Cocaine Addiction

L&S Sciences

David Taylor

Identification of Cortical and Subcortical Structures Receiving Projections from Corticostriatal Barrel Cortex Neurons

Rose Hills

Profile image of Helen TranProfile image of Helen Tran

Helen Tran

Characterization of ATP Release and Biofilm Production by Salmonella and E. coli

Rose Hills

Profile image of Bhavi VohraProfile image of Bhavi Vohra

Bhavi Vohra

TALEN-Mediated Mutagenesis to Determine the Role of the Splicing Factor Tra2b in Xenopus Tropicalis

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Christine WongProfile image of Christine Wong

Christine Wong

Development of High Mobility, High Work Function Transparent Conducting Oxides for Photovoltaic Applications

Rose Hills