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URAP Summer Fellows

URAP students who have worked with the same URAP mentor for at least two semesters are eligible to be nominated for the URAP summer stipend to continue their work for five weeks over the summer. Calls for nominations go out to mentors each spring.

Summer 2021 All Researchers


Kat Bako

Human Adaptation to Simulated Central Vision Loss

Sakina Bambot

Youth Participatory Action Research Systematic Review

Sydney Booth

Investigating ecological trends in the Phillips Coal Ball Collection
Profile image of Mackenzie BriscoeProfile image of Mackenzie Briscoe

Mackenzie Briscoe

Preschoolers and adults infer novel social biases from causal difference-making evidence about social exclusion

Maria Calderon

Fuerte: School-Based Prevention Program Targeting Newcomer Latinx Immigrant Youth
Profile image of Daniel ChenProfile image of Daniel Chen

Daniel Chen

Inferential methods for n-dimensional hypervolumes
Profile image of Serena ChiProfile image of Serena Chi

Serena Chi

Effects of Kilohertz Transcranial Magnetic Perturbation on Cortical Excitability

Julia Choi

Hummingbird Dietary Preference for Fermented Nectar
Profile image of Josephine ChristonProfile image of Josephine Christon

Josephine Christon

Using fossils to better understand periods of global warming in Earth's past
Profile image of Lauren CohenProfile image of Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen

Examining Transdiagnostic Effects of Extremes in Approach Motivation and Cognitive Control
Profile image of Ashley CowellProfile image of Ashley Cowell

Ashley Cowell

Effects of climate change on Sierra Nevada stream food webs
Profile image of Shiladitya DuttaProfile image of Shiladitya Dutta

Shiladitya Dutta

Stability Driven Interpretation of Low-rank Compression Methodologies for CNNs
Profile image of Zoe ForestProfile image of Zoe Forest

Zoe Forest

Exhibition Development and Jewish Art
Profile image of Arpna GhanshaniProfile image of Arpna Ghanshani

Arpna Ghanshani

Understanding Youth Empowerment Through Program Evaluation, Curriculum Planning, and Scholarly Writing
Profile image of Hannah HansonProfile image of Hannah Hanson

Hannah Hanson

Developing and promoting the psychological humanities
Profile image of Joy HeProfile image of Joy He

Joy He

Understanding the relationship between multiple infections of symbionts and how they affect the microbiota

Matthew Huh

MicroRNA Regulation of Plant Innate Immunity
Profile image of Yoobin LeeProfile image of Yoobin Lee

Yoobin Lee

Polyubiquitination of Tau in Alzheimer's Disease
Profile image of Shiangyi LinProfile image of Shiangyi Lin

Shiangyi Lin

Identification of Inconsistent Families in SCOPe database
Profile image of Paul NicknishProfile image of Paul Nicknish

Paul Nicknish

Using Energy Flux Potential to understand changes in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

Amy Park

Understanding the role of parental sensitivity in the development of child tooth decay

Rebecca Pu

Investor Engagement and Corporate Carbon Management
Profile image of Christian RinglerProfile image of Christian Ringler

Christian Ringler

Acquisition of Endothermy May Cause the Loss of Cardiac Regenerative Potential
Profile image of Elham ShoghiProfile image of Elham Shoghi

Elham Shoghi

Investigating the Influence of Blue Light Exposure on Myopia Development of Chicks
Profile image of Saffanat SumraProfile image of Saffanat Sumra

Saffanat Sumra

Planning and Evaluation of Patient Support Corps Internships in Population Health
Profile image of Hsin-Yeh TsaiProfile image of Hsin-Yeh Tsai

Hsin-Yeh Tsai

Dysregulated affect in functional magnetic resonance imaging for clinical neuroscience
Profile image of Jeffrie WangProfile image of Jeffrie Wang

Jeffrie Wang

Outlier Nation - American "Exceptionalism" in Comparison to the Rest of the World
Profile image of Alexis WoodProfile image of Alexis Wood

Alexis Wood

Settler Colonialism and American Political Development: A Congressional Analysis
Profile image of Peiqiao XieProfile image of Peiqiao Xie

Peiqiao Xie

Functional Study of a Novel Plant Nuclear Membrane Protein

Allison Xu

Graph Neural Network-based Top Quark Reconstruction
Profile image of Zhihui YeProfile image of Zhihui Ye

Zhihui Ye

Full Civil Legal Representation for Low-Income Domestic Violence Survivors