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Summer 2013 L&S Sciences

Profile image of Stephanie ByunProfile image of Stephanie Byun

Stephanie Byun

Study of the over-expression of Thioredoxin h in Sorghum bicolor and its effects on seed protein digestibility

L&S Sciences

Profile image of YeeAnn ChenProfile image of YeeAnn Chen

YeeAnn Chen

Characterizing the Tumor Suppressive Functions of MIR-449 miRNAs in the E-myc B Cell Lymphoma Mouse Model

L&S Sciences

Profile image of April ChoiProfile image of April Choi

April Choi

The Mechanism of Nor-1 Mitochondrial Translocation during Thymocyte Negative Selection

L&S Sciences

Xuchen Hu

Evaluating the Role of Trehalose in Desiccation Tolerance in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Anita SatishProfile image of Anita Satish

Anita Satish

Text it or Forget it? The Application of Text Messaging to Enhance Memory for Learned Information

L&S Sciences

Jenkang Tao

Role of Cocaine and Amphetamine-Regulated Transcript (CART) Peptide in Cocaine Addiction

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Bhavi VohraProfile image of Bhavi Vohra

Bhavi Vohra

TALEN-Mediated Mutagenesis to Determine the Role of the Splicing Factor Tra2b in Xenopus Tropicalis

L&S Sciences